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The anchoring and mooring system is one of the most important parts of a floating solar PV power plant. The anchoring system holds the system floating system in its position and resists environmental forces like wind, wave, and current.
The process of designing and installing an anchoring system requires advanced engineering knowledge and experience. 
HydroSolar provides a one-stop anchoring and mooring solution including:

  •  Tailor-made design  

  •  Material Supply      

  •  Installation

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The Steps for a Reliable Anchoring and Mooring System
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HydroSolar engineers support our clients to collect

the inputs essential for the design of a reliable anchoring system.

  • Maximum Wind Speed

  • Water Level Variation Profile

  • Water flow/current

  • Bathymetry map of reservoir bottom

  • Topographical map of reservoir surrounding area

  • Reservoir bed soil conditions

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Calculates the wind, wave, and current loads acting on the floating platform. In HydroSolar we base our anchoring system design on dynamic force calculations which are more complex to run but allow the dynamic nature of the water environment to modeled taking into account energy absorption, dynamic loading, and maximum stress reached by momentum which provides a more accurate depiction of the true forces acting on the floating solar platform.

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The optimal anchoring system is selected from

various combinations of anchor location:

  • Bottom anchoring        

  • Bank anchoring      

  • Pile anchoring 

and anchor type

  • Deadweight

  • Helical Screw Anchor      

  • Percussive Anchors

A hybrid combination of

  •   Elastic rubber mooring lines and regular static lines are

designed for a safe and economically optimized mooring system.

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HydroSolar team installs the anchoring and mooring system to ensure the solution is installed according to the highest standards thus providing a guaranteed solution.

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